Devlog 3

this is the map for the labyrinth if player choose the wrong door the room will loop by it self, but we give som clue for where's the player should choose the door then it will have some obstacle if they want open the door (this map still on work for the obstacle and some furniture and we will add some effect so it's look creepy)

Player will be spawned on underground prison, after he escaped from underground prison he will meet some obstacle, there are  some obstacle like water that flooding and there also some wire that had some electricity. Player should be turn off the switch so the electricity wouldn't activated then player can walk across the flooding water.

Coding for changing camera, we using this code for some jumpscare that the camera would zoom some item and there's will be some jumpscare:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class ClickedObject : MonoBehaviour {
public GameObject mainCamera;
public GameObject camera;
bool changeCamera = false;

void Update(){
if (changeCamera) {
mainCamera.SetActive (false);
camera.SetActive (true);
} else if(!changeCamera){
mainCamera.SetActive (true);
camera.SetActive (false);

void OnMouseDown(){
changeCamera = !changeCamera;


Here's the link for some obstacle and BGM sound, im still workin on it. Others sound will posted asap

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