Devlog 1

Group Member :

- Gerardo Gilang Lazuardi (2001557514)

- Robby Kurniawan (2001554046)

- Huda Afdholurohman Muhtar (2001568013)

- Fajar Muhamad (2001550520)

Gameplay :

This game is a platformer hororgame, you can control the character move by 2 way, left or right. and this game can make you feels creepy and you can try to solve the puzzle to help the character exit from that place.

Story :

By the time Valen woke up he was exhausted, he tried to recall what happened to him.Then he tried to check the room where he woke up, he saw a door in the corner of the room where he slept. The door was washed with a padlock, then he tried to check the room he occupied, valen looking for objects that can help him to unlock the padlock. He kept searching and finally found a small piece of iron that he could use to unlock it.  As he tried to unlock it, he was surprised to see a glimpse of a shadow that flashed very quickly in front of him. Then with a pale face he ignored what he saw and refocused to unlock it. 

And the lock opened and saw a rather dark and damp alley. In the hall there were several doors that were the same as the door in the room, and at the end of the hall saw a different door. He immediately thought to check the door. as Valen walked a few steps he heard a very loud sound of a falling object from one of the doors in the Hallway. Valen was curious with the sound that is inside the door. When he opened the door he did not see what it was that made such a loud noise. After valen entered, he only saw a messy room with dust covering all the objects scattered there. But he saw something like a bottle covered in a glass case.

Inside the glass case there is a letter that is difficult to understand by valen. He took the bottle and immediately left the room. After that he continued walking to door in the corner of the hallway.

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